Online Course in The Astrology of Healing

Taught by Ingrid Naiman

Please note: This course will only be taught once. If you are considering taking it, this is the time. The reason is that by the time the course is completed, I will be well beyond the age when I should have retired and there are other projects I want to complete before the sand runs out of my hourglass.

There is a free webinar scheduled for 20 July 2014. To be notified of this, please subscribe to the e-list.

The course will start September 20, 2014. Applications are being accepted now. The first payment will be expected on August 20, 2014. Materials will be available for downloading shortly thereafter.


Course Materials

Each lesson consists of  pdf file equivalent to approximately 20-30 pages if printed on 8½ x11 paper. In addition, there is a podcast with a PowerPoint presentation associated with each lesson. After each podcast, there will be a discussion period. The podcast will then be archived with the course materials and made available to registered students as streaming audio. You can expect that each podcast is at least two hours in length and sometimes 4-5 hours.

These two parts constitute the core material for the course but there is actually more material available that is associated with previous courses. Some of this is in the form of commentary on lessons based on homework submitted in earlier courses. There are also two bulletin boards: one with archived material from 2000 to 2008 and a new one for this online course.

Just so this is clear, I taught many courses in medical astrology in the past. Some were recorded, some were live. For example, I taught at Asclepias in Amsterdam as well as the Huber School in Switzerland. Then, there were several master's classes in New Mexico and one in Banff and another in Nanaimo. Later, there was a printed correspondence course accompanied by audio cassettes. There was a bulletin board for that course, last taught in 1995-6.

With the growth of the Internet and new technology, it is now possible to offer the course online but the archival materials will still be made available to registered students.


There is a substantial amount of homework with each lesson. Most students require 20-40 hours to complete each assignment.  If you consider the lessons in pdf format and the podcasts, you are talking about five hours of study plus homework that will take many, many hours. So, students will have to organize their time in order to keep up with the course load.

Much of the homework is based on the student's own chart so that the material presented is immediately put to practical use. Many students do a lot of emotional processing, some painful, some cathartic, some liberating.

Since diploma candidates must submit homework. Homework should be uploaded in editable digital format, i.e., MS Word or a comparable program should be used. This is important because, the homework will be very carefully reviewed by me personally. My comments, suggestions, and insights will be inserted into the submitted documents and returned to the student. If students wish to keep virgin copies of the homework, they should save their originals in a separate file on the computer.

The purpose of the homework is to practice applying the information immediately while the lesson material is fresh in the mind. My comments are added to draw attention to points that were not focused well or perhaps overlooked. Sometimes, there is a need to sharpen insight or deepen appreciation for the relevance of the system presented in the course. Over time, most students not only increase their astrological skills but expand their insights into life experiences and processes.

It is hoped that each lesson not only increases self-awareness but also encourages compassion for others.

During the first year, no grades will be shown on the homework. On my end, I will be making notes, but the reason is that the purpose of the course is not to compete with others — who may have had a huge head start — but to train the next generation of medical astrologers.


The costs are U.S. $50 per lesson for auditors and $150 for diploma students. Payments will be accepted starting on 20 August 2014. Those who pay for the first year in one installment will receive a 10% discount. Otherwise, the payments can be made one lesson at a time. Students from previous courses, such as the master's classes and correspondence course can also receive a rebate.

Diploma Candidates

Candidates must complete all 44 homework assignments and demonstrate proficiency and the capacity to use medical astrology professionally with a high level of skill and integrity. Three additional papers are required for diploma students:

  • Term paper at the end of Level One, approximately 2-3 years into the course.
  • Thesis at the end of Level Two
  • Dissertation at the end of Level Three

There are additional costs for overseeing these projects: $150 for the term paper, $750 for the thesis, and $1500 for the dissertation.


Most of the students have a prior background in astrology and/or some healing modality. Many of the students in England, Australia, and Switzerland are graduates of recognized astrology schools. Others have studied astrology on their own, often for many years. For those without any prior acquaintance with astrology, the course will be very challenging for at least the first year or two. Persons who are motivated will usually find that some study of the basics of tropical astrology will be necessary in order to deal with the techniques and terminology that are unique to astrology.

No prior training in any healing profession is a prerequisite for the course. However, there are students who are licensed medical doctors, chiropractors, and acupuncturists. Others have had a long interest in esoteric healing, nutrition, herbology, or psychology. As noted, no background in health or healing is a prerequisite for the course, but most people taking the course are either professional astrologers or health care practitioners.

In the course, students will be exposed to a profound amount of astropsychology as well as a mountain of material on the energetics—meaning fire, earth, air, and water—of healing, this from the perspective of the temperament as well as physiological make-up. Methods for harmonizing imbalances include counseling, diet and herbs, and fairly sophisticated esoteric systems involving music and chakra balancing. Those who are already working in the health care world will be adding to their repertoires whereas those who are entirely new to healing will forge the skills needed to build practices of their own.

Draft Outline of the Entire Curriculum

See the outline and schedule. Excuse the lack of polish. This is a draft version so I did not include the graphics. It is a work in progress and there could still be many revisions.




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