Online Course in The Astrology of Healing

Level Two

Taught by Ingrid Naiman

Please note: This course will only be taught once. If you are considering taking it, this is the time. The reason is that by the time the course is completed, I will be well beyond the age when I should have retired and there are other projects I want to complete before the sand runs out of my hourglass.

There is a free webinar scheduled for 20 March 2015. To be notified of this, please subscribe to the e-list.

The course will start in January 2015. Applications are being accepted now. The first payment will be expected any time after August 20, 2014. Materials will be available for downloading shortly thereafter.


  The Moon in Relationship to Memory and Form
  Conditioning of Space
  Lunar Patterns
  Action and Reaction
  Evolution of Aspects
Case Studies and Therapeutic Applications
In Depth Study of the Subconscious
The Inner Child
Exploration of Altered States of Consciousness
Counseling Patients
Interpretation of Symptoms
Forging the Body-Mind Connection
Thesis on topic of special interest, 80-120 pages, $750








Poulsbo, Washington

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